Dental Surgery

dental surgery

Welcome to Cal Dental Group, where you will find some of Los Angeles’ most talented and caring dental surgeons.

Cal Dental Group’s dental sergeon in Los Angeles offers oral surgery services including gum surgery, bone grafting, and wisdom tooth extractions.

We provide dental surgery to create lasting solutions to serious dental problems. Our dentists are experienced board certified oral surgeons and our dental surgery team are experts at making your procedure comfortable, stress free and successful.

What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is a sector inside the dental procedures that converge uniquely on the more intense, surgical aspects of dentistry. At CAL Dental Group, we perform gum surgery, bone grafting, and wisdom tooth extractions in our oral surgery section.

Types Of Dental Surgery

  • Dental Implant Surgery – Let us restore your smile with dental implant surgery. Dental implants are a life-improving solution to missing teeth as they provide the most secure tooth replacement option, allowing you to chew and speak with ease.
  • Implant Involved Sinus Surgery – People who do not have the sufficient amount of bone in their upper jaw are not viable candidates for dental implants. With sinus surgery, we can insert a bone graft in the area so that you can experience the benefits of dental implants.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal – Wisdom teeth cause problems when they erupt at an angle or do not fully emerge. We offer wisdom tooth removal as a preventative measure and as a treatment for those who are already experiencing discomfort.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Our dentists are adept in the special field of oral and maxillofacial surgery. We provide solutions to a wide range of concerns with the jaw, mouth or face including surgeries for complex tooth extractions and corrective jaw surgery.
  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery – Our facial cosmetic surgeons are highly trained with working with the face’s soft and hard tissues. We provide reconstructive surgery to patients who have experienced traumatic dental injury.
  • Bone Grafting – Like with sinus surgery, we administer bone grafting to help those who do not have a sufficient amount of jawbone to enjoy the benefits of dental implants.

Ensuring Patient Comfort

We offer a full selection of dental anesthesia options to make your experience as comfortable as possible, including local anesthetic, nitrous oxide sedation and intravenous anesthesia. All procedures are conducted by our highly experienced and accredited dental anesthesiologist.

Caring Family Environment and Accessible Dental Services

Healthy smiles are affordable at Cal Dental Group. We have flexible financing options such as no interest and extended payment plans.

It is also part of our mission to make our patients feel cared for. Every member of our team makes sure our patients feel warm and at ease, relieving them of their concerns about dental procedures.

"Came in for a crown and had a great experience! First off the receptionists were very patient and helpful with all of my questions and when it came down to the procedure Dr.Karnakova couldn't have been more thorough. Very sweet and knowledgeable woman. She really took her time and made me very comfortable. I definitely found my new dentist, highly recommend Dr.Karnakova!"
Alina V.
Los Angeles, CA

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